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7 Steps For Optimizing Images

optimizing images

Everybody knows how important images are on webpages. Visual content continues to get more and more popular, making pages that have large blocks of text without any images or video appear ever more outdated. Not to mention, image posts on social media tend to get much more engagement and traffic.

But while you’ve been adding images to your site to enhance user experience, you may have overlooked the SEO advantages that images can provide. Luckily, optimizing images for search engines is simple and it can have a noticeable effect on traffic and rank.
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Google’s Search Market Share Falls to Lowest Level In Years

search market share

Google is the undisputed king of search. According to the latest numbers from Statcounter, Google had 75.2 percent of the search engine market share in December of 2014. However, while that number is indicative of Google’s domination, it’s actually a significant decrease from the prior month (77.3 percent) and from December of 2013 (79.3 percent). Google’s market share hasn’t been this low since 2008.

So what happened? Well, most experts point to the fact that Mozilla changed it’s default search engine in Firefox to Yahoo last month. Indeed, Yahoo saw a nearly two percent gain.
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New Year, New Chance to Update Your Old Site Content

site content

Many webmasters spend time updating their blog, news section or product pages throughout the year. They often spend a lot of time focusing on building new pages as well. But when was the last time you did a detailed review of your Contact Us page? It doesn’t take long for pages like this to become outdated or irrelevant. You might find you even have some downright incorrect information.

With a new year at hand, it’s the perfect time to go through your important but neglected business pages with a fine-tooth comb. Keep these things in mind when giving your site content the once over.
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Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Bing Reveal Top Searches of 2014

top searches

Year-end lists of the top searches provide a snapshot of what people look for on the internet and how they use search engines. Such lists also provide an overview of the topics, events, issues and people that were most culturally relevant that year. For marketers, the top searches don’t necessarily represent keywords to be focused on; instead, they help keep SEOs informed about search trends, audience tendencies and where – or where not – to be focusing their efforts.

Year-end lists have been released by Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Bing. While these sites vary in traffic, they’re all still in the Alexa top 25.
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Yahoo Becomes Default Search Option In Firefox

yahoo logo

Despite talks of breaking up Google in Europe, search marketers know that it will continue to be the most important search engine in the foreseeable future. Also, as far as browsers are concerned, Google’s Chrome is the most popular in the world.

These facts raise a question that marketers have had to deal with for years: is it worth the time to focus efforts on other search engines? While the answer to this question is “of course,” the Yahoo engine in particular often ends up coming in a distant third behind Bing. Mozilla’s recent announcement has an outside chance of changing that, though.
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