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Google Says Mobile Searches Outnumber Desktop, Plans Adwords Updates

mobile searches

According to Google’s internal data, the trend that every webmaster has been preparing for is now a reality: more Google searches are being performed on mobile devices than on desktops in the U.S. It makes sense, as more and more people are using mobile devices as their only access to the internet, and Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm is fully up and running.

But this is only the beginning. Services across the internet are beginning to cater more and more to mobile searches and traffic. As usual, Google AdWords will likely lead the way for advertisers.
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Google Fights Back After Yahoo-Firefox Deal

yahoo-firefox deal

The search engine wars continue. Earlier this month, we reported that Google’s search market share has fallen to its lowest level since 2008. The major impetus behind these changes involves the recent Yahoo-Firefox deal, in which Mozilla replaced Google with Yahoo as the default search engine in its browser.

The latest numbers, released by comScore, indicate that Google’s search share dropped 1.6 percent to 65.4 percent in December. Yahoo gained that 1.6 percent, moving them up to 11.8 percent. Now Google is fighting to win back some of those users.
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Google Says the Majority of Online Ads Are Never Viewed

online ads

The number of ads that Google runs on a daily basis is staggering. According to some sources, ad impressions from Google’s display network end up totaling an unfathomable 24.17 billion per day, while impressions from Google Search total around 5.57 billion. This means that Google runs almost 30 billion ads every day.

Unfortunately, according to new Google research, over half of all these ads are never viewed by anyone. Some fundamental changes to the system may be needed before advertisers can be sure they’re spending money on something that actually has a chance of being seen.
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New Interface Tools Come to Google AdWords

Google Adwords

A series of useful new interface tools have been incorporated into Google AdWords. If you log into your AdWords account today, you should find a new “Keyword” column that allows you to detect exactly which word(s) from a query triggered the display of your advertisement.

Additional upgrades include improved campaign diagnostics, faster account editing, email alerts for automated rules, and Javascript automation for AdWords scripts. The features were published on the Google Inside AdWords official blog, and will make your interactions with AdWords easier and more productive.
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AdWords Earn Google $121 Million Every Day

google adwords

A recent study published by WordStream determined that as of the third quarter of 2012, AdWords earn Google, on average, over $100 million every single day .

The revenue comes from 5.5 billion daily ad impressions through search, as well as 25.6 billion daily ad impressions through the Google Display Network. In total, Google earned $10.86 billion in Q3 from ad revenue alone for an actual daily income of $121 million, meaning that WordStream low-balled their estimate. The study also revealed a number of interesting statistics as well.
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